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A Better Mousetrap: A Bad-assed Guitar chair/stand


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  • A Better Mousetrap: A Bad-assed Guitar chair/stand

    Behold! Look at this beauty:



    This is made by Iconic Metal and is their AxSys 1.0 guitar chair/stand.  I just got mine, and it's simply bad-assed!  As you can see, the the seat folds down to become a stand for your guitar, via a clever little spring-loaded toggle switch under the seat.  Just push it down to drop the seat.  When you return the seat to the horizontal, it automatically locks firm.  The back leg also folds in, via a pull-pin that locks the leg in the out and in positions.  The frame is butt-welded aircraft-grade aluminum.  The seat is very comfortable, reminiscent of a motorcycle seat in cush and non-slip texture.  This is designed to hold up to 300 lbs.  I'm only 5'9", so I'm thinking that the long-legged crowd might have some complaints.  However, I suspect the manufacturer is open to special order sizing.  You just have to give him the extra time to build.  Might also have to pay more for the extra metal.  It's still cheaper than that wooden guitar chair, though.  

    Right now, prices are discounted.  Used to be $195.  It's now only $150 ($149.95).  I consider that a very good deal for what you get.  You can pay a lot more for way less of a sturdy build.  This one you can ride to the Apocalypse, it's so well built.

    Here's the website:  https://iconicmetal.com/

    Here's their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/IconicMetal

    BTW, I would have settled for only posting a user review, but that scene is fubar when it comes to starting a new item review post.  

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    Sorta looks like a guitar would want to fall to one side or the other.  How (vertically) stable is it?


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      It's fairly stable.  I mean, there are other stands that are more stable.  For instance, there is that A-frame guitar stand made by On Stage Stands.  I have two of those.  However, when it comes to having the best of both chair and guitar stand worlds, I'd have to say that Iconic Metal does it best right now.  I think the concept for the AxSys is more about a temporary place to rest your guitar when you are not sitting down with it and playing.  If you aren't going to play your axe for a while, you best tuck it away where it will be safe and secure.