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NGD 57 CIJ strat


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  • NGD 57 CIJ strat

    This minty one was below the average price new ones go for on the bay. Couldn't let it pass me.

    The neck feels really good and the construction is top notch. Another keeper !


    Thanks for reading, more pics to come...

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    Looks sweet....

    Honestly, Japan made Fender is almost getting to be a old folk lore as Squier Classic Vibes and MIM Fender seem to be on role right now, I am seeing less and less of MIJ Fender these days.


    • mschafft
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      I'll open this beauty's belly tonight wishing to find a massive tremolo block, US vintage pickups with cloth wiring. I happen to own a similar guitar in sunburst. The black one is a tad heavier. The neck on the black one is a tad rounder. Feels perfect in my hands. The sunburst is just stellar. I can't wait to hear some tone pouring down from the blackie tonight after set up and restring. Cheerio

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    I believe 2004, 500$!


    • wankdeplank
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      Sounds like a fantastic deal on a newer one like that.  So I'm assuming some nice alnicos that need no replacing as well.  Enjoy.

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    HNGD that's pretty much what I'm looking for.


    I see many of the older ones have 54 in the neck pocket. Been looking at this 1990 K series on my loacal CL.





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      Cloth wiring = vintage US pickups confirmed as well as high mass block. New strings and test ride tomorrow. Thanks for your input!


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        Lovely. Vintage radius and frets?


        • DeepEnd
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          Congratulations. Happy New Guitar Day.