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  • Line 6 UX2 redface


    I thought one of y'all might know whats going on here. 

    I bought a redface line 6 UX2 and the stuff on the cd is out of date and doesnt work with 64bit win7 so I went to line 6 website and downloaded podfarm 2.5 and everything works, BUT hale of the amp models and things are not working, says not available for my device... Anyone with the red faced UX2 know what I am doing wrong? Do I need to install the older versions or something? 

    Just thought one of you may have had the same issue. 


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    After a certain date, the Line 6 interfaces 'come with' POD Farm, rather than Gearbox. I have one with Gearbox, and love it dearly; won't buy another with POD Farm, as it's far fewer amps, and (IMHO) sounds much less convincing.


    If you activate a used interface now, I think all you can get is POD Farm?

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      I'm using the redface UX1 on Windows 8 64-bit and Pod Farm 1. It also works pretty well for Amplitube and Guitar Rig. IIRC Pod Farm 2 won't work...


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        Uninstall Podfarm 2.5 and install Podfarm 1.12 and you should be good to go.