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Chinese Replica's ?? Where do you stand???

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  • Chinese Replica's ?? Where do you stand???

    When it comes to Chinese replicas....which of the following statements best describes you:

    1) I would never own one. It's illegal, and I am not risking prison & butt sex over a el cheapo guitar.

    2) I don't care if others have them, but they are not for me.

    3) I haven't thought much about it, but if I found a sweet playing one for the right price, I would buy it.

    4) I currently own one, and don't see the problem with it.

    5) I am on Trade Tang right now picking out the next replica to go with my 10 others.



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    My very first post on this site was to advise people to buy American or British and help to protect jobs in our countries and I was shot down in flames by guitar players who would rather have five cheap guitars than one good one. I think I was right and I still do. It's also interesting to note that Chinese is not so cheap anymore but sometimes it's unavoidable. For example the iPad I am currently typing is on is Chinese but that's simply manufacturer's greed. Guitars are no different.
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      3. Chinese guys have to feed their families too.

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    Simply don't believe it's ethical to put someone else's name on your mass produced product. That also happens to be illegal and I don't believe it is this forums place to promote illegal enterprise.
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