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What's causing my new guitar to rattle?


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  • What's causing my new guitar to rattle?

    I'm a first-time guitar player and got my new Yamaha 112J this weekend and am very pleased with it!

    I've noticed though when strumming that I can hear a vibrating rattle when I stop and the chord plays out. Is there something in particular that's probably causing this? It's definately coming from the guitar itself as I don't hear it through my amp. It's kind of like something's not tight enough.

    Incidently, I can't reproduce the sound by striking individual strings, just when I play all of them together. It comes when I play faster and sounds as if one of the strings is vibrating against a fret or something...
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    Try to listen to hear where the rattle is coming from. If from the fingerboard then the action will probably need to be raised. If from the bridge or body then investigate for something loose. If the location isn't clear then it may just be the strings. I'd suggest replacing them in that case to see if the rattle goes away.
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      It definately seems to me it's the 4th, 5th and 6th strings rattling against the frets, about half way up.
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        JuryDuty wrote:
        It definately seems to me it's the 4th, 5th and 6th strings rattling against the frets, about half way up.

        In that case, the truss rod it too tight.

        It needs to be loosend about a 1/4 turn.

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      Raise the action a tad on that side!


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        hey jury duty. dont be afraid to ask newbie questions. that's how ya learn.

        your guitar probably wasnt set up at the place of purchse. check your intonation. hit an open string then fret it at the fret 12. is it in the same pitch (tuning) if not, then you guitar needs a set up.
        I wouldbt attempt it at your stage of guitar ownership. take it to where you got it and ask them to set it up. mention the string rattle, any tuning problems, and have them look at your whammy bar.


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          tuners like to rattle if something is loose.
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            OK, definately narrowing this down. I appreciate all the quick help!

            I've checked the intonation and it's fine on all strings. I've also narrowed it down to being just the 4th and 6th strings that are causing the vibration sound.

            I could raise the individual string action for each string, but won't that mess up my toning? Eh, maybe I do need to take it in...
            My journey of learning to play the guitar from day one...


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              Could be the action. Could be the truss rod needs a little loosening (a quarter turn or less). That's assuming all screws are tight.


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                Originally posted by JuryDuty
                Eh, maybe I do need to take it in...

                It really wouldn't be a bad idea regardless. Unless you got your guitar at a small shop that really concentrates on service and quality over volume sales, chances are it went from the box to the wall without any setup check whatsoever. The percentage of guitars that arrive at the store set up perfectly is tiny. It's likely that a competent tech can (in a matter of minutes) make a few small adjustments to cure your rattles and optimize playability and intonation. Start with the store you bought it from and see if they'll do it free in the name of customer service.

                If not, be careful who you take it to. As with any business, there are shady guitar techs who are all too happy to separate a newbie from his cash! A few minor adjustments shouldn't cost much. Take someone knowledgable with you if possible.
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                  Before you take it to a shop, check out this link

                  setup tutorial

                  It's not rocket science unless you have a Floyd.

                  Yes, if you change the string height, it will require retuning, possibly re-intonation. If you are at all good with tools and such, doing your own work will save you lots of money that could be better spent on, well anything

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                    and always remember....
                    a free setup usually comes with the purchase of the guitar. so there should be no newbie separation of cash.

                    in otherwords...they owe you.

                    good luck.


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                      I kind of have the same problem with my Agile Ps-900 and have no clue what the problem is. I have been playing for a couple of years but really havent messed up with like action and stuff like that (dont even know what is exactly, lol, thought it might be the heighth of the strings and how close they are to the fretboard, which would be fixed by turning the things on the bridge?) Like said earlier it is a newb question, (which is ironic cause im not a new to playing guitar) but Im a newb to fixing the stuff and things wrong. I have done some stuff but dont know how to fix the problem, so please help me! Please, any help I would greatful and i know yall can help me out so thanks for everything. (and i dont want to take it someone cause id rather just learn how to do it)
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                        Its that you are playing too hard. You're not meant to slam the strings with all your might. If its not loud enough, turn up your amp.