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Oops, look what I just bought

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  • Oops, look what I just bought



    Ebay, I made them a ridiculous offer and.....:smiley-wtf: they accepted.

    So a while back, there's a thread about Joe Satriani playing a Pignose Strat and who knows what bedroom amp he's running it through, and I'm thinking hey he doesn't sound half bad.  So I do a little research online and virtually everybody who has one swears by it: on a par with MIM Deluxe one says; not as well made as my MIAs but it sounds and plays fantastic another one says; I use it for the dive bar gigs I don't want to bring my MIA another one states.  Some think it's made in the US and others that it will appreciate in value due to it's very short run.  But nobody I could dig up on google thought it was a dog and it's supposed to come equipped with a great neck and frets (no sprout) and decent sounding alnico pickups.    

    I mean with two MIMs one MIA and an Aria Pro II Bobcat, I really need another Strat like a hole in the head, but that didn't stop me from putting out some feelers a month or so ago.  I probably saw this ad like a month ago and they wanted $129 Buy it Now and came down to about $109 when I jokingly offered $60.  So I'm tooling around the other day and see that the ad is still up and the BIN is down to $99 so I make the same ridiculous offer as before expecting a counter offer and no real commitment.  But all of a sudden this bitch is desperate and I'm the only suiter and a baby is on the way.  Wow!!! how am I going to explain this to my wife?:emoticon-misc-018: Well a hundred and change, I'll bet I can recover that if I have to. 

    So I'm back up to ten electrics, two acoustics and a bass.  Looks like thirteen is my lucky number, cause I can't seem to get off it, for long anyway.  Wish me luck fellas.:smiley-eatdrink048:

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    Good luck and what is with that volume knob?

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    • billybilly
      billybilly commented
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      Congrats on a steal!  The only thing I'm not really digging is the headstock shape but for that price, who cares.

    • A_Gitarman
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      DeepEnd wrote:

      ... what is with that volume knob?

      It's a pig nose.  get it?


      Congrats, OP.  I vaguely remember seeing those around. 



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    Nice...looks to be in great shape. To me, I don't see anything resembling clownburst (I used to own a clownburst LP). Thta's a pretty color in comparison.

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