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Post your Lemon Drops/Lemon Burst Single Cuts


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  • Post your Lemon Drops/Lemon Burst Single Cuts

    While I'm awaiting the arrival of my Les Paul Lemon Drop, I was hoping some of you could post pics of your lemon bursts. I'd love to see them! Thanks in advance. Mine will be here on Wednesday. I bought it at Wildwood, and in order to avoid $280 in sales tax, Steve is shipping it to me.

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    • Davo17
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      I dont have one.
      Still got that mustang?

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    I have an Epiphone LP in amber, but it's more orange than lemon yellow.
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      Gone, but not forgotten and living quietly with MHUK, my former Edwards



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      • gardo
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         I don't have one either.

        I did order a lemon drop es 335 clone but they sent me orange burst,which I like.too

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      My 2000 Gary Moore sig LP's finish is called officially "lemon burst" so I guess it qualifies.




      GM sig LP

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      • DaleH
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        ^^^ You win. dats da bomb...Diggy