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Name some songs that you LOVE the Intro....


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  • Name some songs that you LOVE the Intro....

    Let's not kid ourselves... we have short attention spans.

    What song(s) new or old, classics, or one hit wonders, really grab you in the first 15 seconds or less.


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    Paperback Writer

    Love the vocals, love the riff.

    Granted, I can say this about most Beatles songs.
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      Couldn't Stand the Weather

      Mary Had a Little Lamb

      Blue Jean Blues

      Brown Sugar (ZZ Top)

      When Doves Cry

      Beat It

      Hotel California

      Walk This Way


      Crazy Train

      Statesboro Blues


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      • Davo17
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        Ritchy Dagger

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      So many guitars, so little time


      • Buttcrust
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        it's charmin' lol

      • gardo
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        Buttcrust wrote:

        Before the video I got an ad for the Sheetz in Altoona.

        Are you in that area?


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       "Along the Way" by Bad Religion is really super catchy and is only a min. and a half long!


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        Holy wars... The punishment due
        I am the night
        The chosen few
        Cloak of feathers and the veil of isis
        Big rocks got stacked on top of each other. Is this proof of alien life? Yes it is


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          Death Cab's I Will Posess Your Heart.  That's 4 1/2 minutes of perfection right there.


          Stones' Can't You Hear Me Knocking? and The Faces' Stay With Me.

          Dada's Dorina


          • gardo
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            There's some good songs on here.

            I'll throw in a couple 


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          I Can't Explain - The Who

          The Last Time - The Rolling Stones


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            Little Wing

            "Born to Play" MP3 album at iTunes & Amazon.


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              Day Tripper - Beatles

              Los Angeles - X

              Born on the Bayou - CCR

              Jack Straw - Grateful Dead

              Morning Dew - Grateful Dead

              Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry

              Oh Boy! - Buddy Holly

              Astral Weeks - Van Morrison

              Embryonic Journey - Jefferson Airplane

              The Big Country - Talking Heads

              Baba O'Riley - The Who (admittedly not guitar, still instantly easily one of the most compelling intros out there)


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              Janis Joplin - take another piece of my heart !!  Iconic !!!


              • Davo17
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              Echo Beach, no pyrotechnics but instantly memorable

              Save a Prayer, OK not guitar but 26 seconds of audio visual poetry



              • ew422
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                Lila's Dance - Mahavishnu Orchestra

              • onelife
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                Lazy - Deep Purple (from Machine head)

              • DaveAronow
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                There is almost nothing that fires me up more than cranking the shi t out of the intro to For those about to rock, except for maybe, Highway to Hell.


                I could list a thousand intros I love , but those will make me grab the knob and turn it up to 11 pretty much faster than anything else.


                Tgey will also make me grab the radio knob and turn that up too!

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              Jungle Love by Steve Miller


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                Whole lotta love - the Justin Beaver version.


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                  Someone is going to get blamed for this.

                  I would like for that person to not be me.