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What are you favorite guitar apps for iPhone or Android?


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  • What are you favorite guitar apps for iPhone or Android?

    Hi guess I was curious what various apps you all use for guitar and other instruments? So far I'm only using the Gibson app that has a tuner, metronome, recorder, and chord chart. I was thinking about buying iRig, but not sure if I want all that stuff going on such a small iphone screen. I may want to get an iPad mini for something like that.

    Anyways, what do you use and which ones are your favorites?
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    Phil O'Keefe turned me on to Peterson iStrobosoft. It's really a great app. It's a strobe tuner. Killler for 10 bucks.


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      The only guitar app I have is on my HTC Android...G-strings, which is great for tuning.


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        I use the G Strings to very happy with it I think I paid $6 for it.

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        I've got GarageBand on my iPad but I believe you can put it on the iPhone as well. Just picked up the Apogee Jam. All the reviews point to it delivering better quality than the iRig. Gonna give it a test run today.
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          Quote Originally Posted by omni
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          Phil O'Keefe turned me on to Peterson iStrobosoft. It's really a great app. It's a strobe tuner. Killler for 10 bucks.


          I have the iRig and Amplitube free. I don't use Amplitube very often, but iStrobosoft + iRig is a great tuner.

          I also have a metronome, a delay time calculator and the Tone Print app for my Flashback pedal.
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              I use TC electronics free tuner, it's really good. Also I gig out with my acoustic using the agile partners/peavey ampkit app which is free.
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                I can't even count my guitar apps..... um. If they ever updated it shredder was a decent midi synth. Long overdue an update.
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                  I use GarageBand a ton for recording ideas when they happen. I've never tried to use the app version to get a finished product though.


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                    I like Jamup Pro, Auria and Alchemy. I have tons but those are the ones I use the most.
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                      Only have the Ultimate Guitar Tools app right now (Tuner, metronome, chord chart). On Android.
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                        I really like using the iPad for creating music. I have Garage Band and Amplitube. I also have Songster+ and Archording for quickly looking up tabs. I use the iPad more for synths. I have iMPC, iMS-20, iPolySix and Sunrizer. I connect a midi controller through the camera connection kit to control the synth apps.
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                          I use FiRe as my primary audio recorder on my Iphone and AC-7 CoreMini to remotely control Reaper. I also have Loopy but need need to get some sort of MIDI interface to more accurately trigger the loop recording since I am no DubFX:

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                            gStrings and Mobile Metronome are all I use. Great apps.
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