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On this forum there is always one who thinks he knows it all.


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  • On this forum there is always one who thinks he knows it all.

    Who would you nominate ?
    Professor Tom

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    Yep. People who think they know everything are a big pain to us folks who really do know everything.


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      As a new boy I gotta say I found the opposite, most people here seem curious and interested rather than arrogant. There have been a few "formula" threads started (no names , no pack drill ) but they keep the pot boiling so why not? Threads like on the employment issue have been great for bonding, a lot of us are having/ have had trouble and having others open up is helpful.
      I am enjoying my time here, have learned some stuff, so let's just keep the cruise a happy one :smiley-eatdrink004:



      • ugameus
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        Me. I am the omnipotent one.

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      I find there are far more old wives than knows it all. I don't try to assert any kind of authority but I do make the occasional strong statement contradicting this common stup uh, wisdom.

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        billybilly Valued Contributor
        12:25 AM
        ugameus wrote:
        Me. I am the omnipotent one.
        Yes, yes you are... But I'm the omniscient one.
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        1001gear Valued Contributor

        Bull****************. It's me.
        Now, what's this thingy with the doohickey over here?
        We're not in Kansas anymore.


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          I don't think I know it all


          I know it

          Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. - Plato


          • mnhhngbfs
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            That one dude... WRGRMKC or whatever it was. I haven't been around in a while, is that guy even still here? I remember Wyatt always having to point out the flaws in the dudes advice and they'd get into little spats and what not. Memmoorrriiiieees.

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          My ears were burning.. you guys talking about me again?


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            You rang?


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              I thought you might be talking about me...then I realized that you said "one who thinks he knows everything"....but then I realized I DO know everything, so you must mean someone else:smiley-cool11:

              ***Please check out some of my songs. Thanks!***


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                Who could forget Django?


                • benzem
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