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  • NGD

    I got it yesterday.  It is a Yamaha SHB400 made in Japan between about 1981 and 1985.  It plays especially well and sounds good too.  I found out today that the tone knob has a coil split switch built into it.  It looks just like this one.


    I also got this here Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer.


    I got both of them from Atomic Music in Beltsville, Maryland.

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    Congrats.  I've never seen that model before, but I love late '70s/ early '80s Japanese models.  That looks pretty weird in that photo.  Make sure to post some pics of your own ...


    • Special J
      Special J commented
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      Whoa, weird/cool. I've never seen that model before. I love that era of Japanese instruments too. HNGD!

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    I love the look of that guitar. Really nice colour too. HNGD :smiley-eatdrink004:


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      Shape's a little weird, but I like it. HNGD!
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      • Frets99
        Frets99 commented
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        Damn sweet!

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      My Yamaha SHB-400 let me show you it.



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        Nice. I'd post boobs but the website still doesn't support iPads.
        We're not in Kansas anymore.


        • #7

          looks different, not bad, hows the action, neck ? I do like it the more I stare at it

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            Thats got a pretty cool vibe about it....I like it



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            • Buzzard070661
              Buzzard070661 commented
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              HNGD to you, nice twanger.

              I've never seen or heard about this type of guitar among the Yammies.

              You can join the "Yamaholics" and flash this wonder in the  "Official Yamaholics Thread"

              I think they'll love it.

              Thanks for posting. .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />