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Best guitar choice on a budget

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  • Best guitar choice on a budget


    I've been playing guitar for a couple of years, I've had an Ibanez RG370DX in the past (with a floyd rose) which I liked a lot because of its neck etc, currently I have been using stock Tanglewood TSB58 which I found ok howerver it had some factory faults which made it a pain to properly set up etc.

    I am writing my own music, and I am about to form a band and about to record my stuff, but I feel like its time to invest in a proper electric guitar that could stay with me for a while now. Unfortunatelly I am on a budget which is

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    Ibanez RG1570.  If the neck and frets are in good shape, go for it.  The nice thing about the older Prestige models is that you've got a better chance of finding one without the sharkstooth/EKG inlays, and the Tremolos are usually some of the better Ibanez models (I had mine blocked, but the Edge Pro is the best tremolo I've ever used).

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      Thank you, I would actually go for it, yes the one I am thinking of is from 2004 Fuji japan factory, it has dot fretboard markers, it has plain neck at the back (I've seen RG1570 with 2 stripes at the back) as I've said before the only down side is body with chips on the edges but I could live with that :P also it doesnt come with a case  


      Thanks for advice, I will upgrade it definitelly but first I want to get a proper guitar, then I will get some valve amp (will be easier to try amps in my local guitar stores once I'll have a guitar with me )



      How does Charvel 6 with a Schaller Floyd-Rose and Jackson pickups compete with Ibanez RG1570? Will Charvel 6 have thick neck or will it be more strat style profile? BTW Charvel 6 is in great condition comparing to RG1570 that I could get.  


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    Upgrade your amp. It will make more of a difference. 

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      Some years back, space considerations dictated that I was just way overgunned on amps and and had to cull. At the time I had four 212's (two JC120s, a Peavey Chorus and a Fender Chorus) so one had to go. It came down to the Fender Princeton Chorus and the Peavey. Fender got sold. Peavey Classic Chorus is one of the absolute best solid state 100'ish watt combos you're going to get.

      Don't listen to people saying that you have some desperate need to 'upgrade your amp' unless there's another amp that really just speaks to you.

      IMO, the three best amps Peavey ever made were the Mace, the TNT115 bass amp and the one you have. That amp is a total Swiss Army Knife. It can do whatever you want it to do. Ignore tube fetishists and the herd who are simply following the rest of the herd who themselves are following the bull**************** spewed by a few irrational 'clerics'. Another one in that same 'perception category' are vintage Yamaha amps from the late 70's and early 80's. You can get them for absolutely NOTHING yet they are some of the best sounding amps ever made at any price.


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        Chocolate pudding, no contest.

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        Thanks a lot guys, it all would of been much easier if my local guitar shops had more left handed guitars that I could play on. I will go to few of them this week, and try all of the lefties they have, and I will pick the one that will suit me even if I'll end up with a squier classic vibe or something "hated" by most people :P Whole my life I've been buying guitars on internet without previously trying them at all then I was just getting used to them - If I knew it will be this much of a hassle with buying left handed guitars I would of start right handed years back :P As for my Peavey Classic Chorus 212, I do like the sound of it, theres nothing wrong with it, its just everyone is like "get a tube, they r the best, they r professional cool, solid state sucks blah blah blah yo" I'll update this post this week, maybe it will be helpful for someone with similar problem