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Do you have a guitar you really love, but don't play very often?

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  • Do you have a guitar you really love, but don't play very often?

    Mine is my Les Paul Standard Plus.  It is a beautiful guitar, plays great, sounds great, one of my very favorites, but I seldom play it. I've had it for three years and the original strings are still on it!  It sits in its case and I only pull it out every couple of months or so. I guess I'm afraid of hurting it.  I bought it with part of the money from the sale of one of my dad's vintage Harleys, so it has some sentimental value.   Ironicly the only ding on it is one it got from setting in the case. 

    So am I the only one who suffers from this kind of affliction?



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    Nice tribute on the headstock.
    Perhaps you are afraid of damaging the instrument.
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    • kolapsar
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      Did your dad ride his Harleys?

    • *BLEEP*
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      Don't be afraid.  Put your investment to work!  We'll have to start calling you stormin"closetclassic"1155 if you don't begin playing that there geetar!    


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    I tend to rotate, but sometimes I'll stick with one guitar for months while the other ones just sit in their cases.

    I've been playing my Les Paul Special Jr since I got it about 8 months ago, and the only other electric I've taken out to play is my Jazzmaster.
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    • Marko
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      I agree with the others

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    I play all my guitars regardless of their value.  If a guitar is appropriate for the task that I require, that's the guitar I'm going to use, period.

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      I had a PRS CE22 for 6 years. It was my first nice guitar, and I gigged with it a lot. Then I got a Dot Studio, and found the whole design much more suitable to me. I tried to use the PRS for heavier songs, but I always found myself reaching for the Dot as my main guitar. It finally got to a point where the PRS was just collecting dust, so I decided to bite the bullet and trade it in for something else. I hated trading it, since it was a gift, but I figured it would be better to have it played by someone else than collecting dust in my basement. I then went through 3 guitars in 2 days:

      The PRS


      Traded for a 1989 Ric 330


      Which I hated, so I sold it for cash and bought a Les Paul 60's tribute


      It's a keeper.

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          It would have to be my '79 Epiphone Genesis Deluxe. Great tone, fantastic playabliity, and sustain for weeks. But.... I don't know, it's not quite right for everyday playing. (And I do LOVE the headstock!)


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          • Buttcrust
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            badpenguin wrote:

            It would have to be my '79 Epiphone Genesis Deluxe. Great tone, fantastic playabliity, and sustain for weeks. But.... I don't know, it's not quite right for everyday playing. (And I do LOVE the headstock!)



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          Charvel Star and my Hamer Centaura mostly because I never got around to blocking the FR trems on them but other than that all my others get played on a semi weekly basis


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            My 79 Tokai Les Paul Reborn.


            it's too heavy, and the scale length I just don't get along with, since owning my two 27" guitars. I feel like the 25'5's guitars I own are too short for me so I Can't stand playing the LP. But it's awesome.


            And no I am not a giant with huge fingers, I just like the strings to be in tune and not sharpen and flatten with attack and decay.

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              What's the advantage of having a 27" scale?


              • thewthrman
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                I have a couple Peavey t-60s that really are cool guitars.  I have a really early one that is an 11 pound slab.  It has a really good tele kind of country sound.  But I just don't really play telel music that much.  I hate to get rid of it.  The other one is one of those johnny copeland type black and white ones.  It plays really nice and the neck doesn't seem so thin as the natural one.  They just sit in their cases these days.

                My 62 RI strat is really nice.  I bought it in like 87 or 88.  I used it alot for about 15 years.  I did a rehab and replaced all the crapped up hardware (kept the original stuff of course).  I keep it in the case.  It plays and sounds great.  But I have other guitars that play and sound great, too.

                I think once I started actually putting guitars in their cases, I quit dragging them out to play them.  I just got my epi es-295 out of the box and have been farting around with it.  The last time I played that was at a cinco demayo gig on may 4 (lol).  The gig was outside and it was hot and humid.  The strings were really gritty.  Since I have been using 11s with a wound G on my main stratty guitar, the 11s with the plain G feel kind of flappy on the epi.  I might need to try out some 12s or flatwounds or something. 


              • bluffalo
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                You can have skinnier strings and pick the strings hard and the notes don't start sharp and out of tune.

                or you can downtune and not need mega fat strings.


                and it's also just a little bit more comfy for me having extra space between each fret.

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              The 80's Peavey guitars are severely underrated I have a T-15 and a T-27 Limited which has an ebonite fretboard that's nice and will hopefully outlast a regular wooden fretboard