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My wife dusted my amp


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  • My wife dusted my amp

    All my lovingly honed saved tones GONE. Is this grounds for divorce?
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    Lol no, just revenge. Go rearrange her shoes and makeup cabinet.
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      Reminds me of the time my helpful wife cleaned my workbench.  Everything she could not identify either went into a big box or the trash can.  She meant well anyway

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      kayd_mon wrote:
      Lol no, just revenge. Go rearrange her shoes and makeup cabinet.

      This is the voice of experience.

      Or, you can simply threatent to do this - with a frozen smile.  I absolutely promise it will never happen again.

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    If it's an old fashioned amp with just tone controls....you have to epoxy them! If it's a new fangled modelling thing with presets, then she had to do it on purpose...otherwise that would be pretty hard to do by accident.

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      "Dusted my amp"?  Is that what it's called these days?  Did she polish your fat 70s headstock as well?

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