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Do you own two virtually identical guitars?

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  • Do you own two virtually identical guitars?

    I bought a Yamaha SE350H last week for $40 at a pawn shop and have totally fallen in love with it. I found the HSS version, same color and all on eBay and am seriously considering getting it.


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    Well, I had two Strats that had very, very similar pickups. I ended up selling one and keeping the one I played more.

    Granted, you could argue that all of my dual humbucker guitars are essentially the same, but I don't think that's where your question is going.

    As for the value on owning two of the same guitar, I think it's a good idea for touring musicians, or musicians who gig very regularly. If you have two of the same, and something happens to your main guitar mid-gig, your backup is as if you didn't change anything.
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    • Lonnie99
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      Gigging musicians definitely. I can't play one whole song. I guess these aren't technically the same either as the pickup configuration is different and the HSS one has a tone control. It really makes no sense for me to own more than one guitar really, but these can be had so cheap I can own 3-5 for the price of a new MIM Fender, so why not? Life is short.

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    Yes but one is standard and the other is tuned to open E.

    I dont use slide on it but finger chords which then have textures different to what they do on the standard. But you can blend them seamlessly into layers on a recording as one guitar (Hope that makes sense

    Funny how minimalism goes on and on


    • Ancient Mariner
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      We have 3 strats about the place. All SSS and theoretically the same, but each plays & sounds different. Works for me.

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    I bought two identical guitars except for the colors.  Then I gutted and modifed them both in two different directions.  Went with 2HB series/parallel, push/pull with the first.  Straight up 1Vol/1Tone 2P90's on the other.

    So yes and no.

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    • Bucksstudent
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      Not really. My PRS SE 245 and Epiphone Custom are similar, but sonically different in several ways.

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    2 Ibanez ST-50's.


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        4 ESP Eclipses. One is a custom and is quite different from the rest, the others are standards in various colors. Pickups are different in a couple. So yeah. As noted above, I am indeed a touring musician so an identical backup is quite handy. And also it's just fun to switch up which one is my number one on any given tour and take some time to restore the wear and tear on the others.


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          Not right now, but that's unusual. Over my 45 years of playing I have a tendency to find something I like and buy another one, sometimes almost identical, sometimes slightly different. I call them "The Twins".

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            LP's, Epiphones, Strats, all basically the same thing, small differences.

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            • onelife
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              I have two strats and two teles. They are similar but not identical, each one has it's own "personality."