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Best "shredder" guitar with a Floyd for under $300 ????


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  • Best "shredder" guitar with a Floyd for under $300 ????

    What do you think the is best shredder electric with a Floyd that can be picked up with a Floyd for less than $300??

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    Used Jackson or Charvel?

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      Might look at Xaviere. The set neck models were a Guitar Player Magazine Editor's choice last year.

      Bolt-on HH - http://www.guitarfetish.com/Xaviere-XV-880-Dual-humbucker-Floyd-Rose-Equipped-_c_358.html

      Set Neck HH - http://www.guitarfetish.com/Xaviere-XV-890-Dual-humbucker-Floyd-Rose-Special-Equipped_c_359.html


      Set Neck HSS - http://www.guitarfetish.com/Xaviere-XV-890HSS-Humbucker-Single-Single-Floyd-Rose-Special-Equipped-_c_380.html


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        I had an Ibanez RG4EX1 for a little while, and the used market value on those are under $300. Excellent sounding guitar.
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        • Floyd Rosenbomb
          Floyd Rosenbomb commented
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          I believe the answer is a used DK2m.  Just make sure the neck is not twisted.

          If 24 frets is not a must (which it should be) then the new Kramer Pacer Classics are a good buy new.  Outside of that, I think you are much better off working for another week or two, saving up another $200 and getting a guitar that will actually have quality components and will be satisfying to play for years to come.  Two examples would be a used Japanese made RG 550, the older ones are phenomenal, or the new Jackson DK2m pro guitar, which lists for $800 but can be had for just over $500 if one puts in the work.  These new DK2ms are special.  Stay away from cheap floyd rosed guitars, they usually suck hard.