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My guitar is featured on Warmoth's landing page

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  • My guitar is featured on Warmoth's landing page

    Watch for the Daphne Blue LaCabronita to show up on the scrolling window--upper left, or click on the thumbnail just below the window.

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    Ha, wow that's pretty cool. Congratulations!


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      That is very cool!
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        That's MAD!  If Marianne is not your daughter, you've done well Doc.

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      That's really sweet, Jeff. The 3tsb tele with the birdseye maple and brazillian rosewood board has me drooling. Both are beautiful guitars. congrats on the feature. You can now rest assure your taste is good enough to impress lol

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        It really is a sweet sounding guitar. It has a bit of Tele twang with the volume rolled off, but when you put the pedal to the metal, it's a whole different sound. It has more bite and punch than a PAF style pickup, but it's not as bright as a P90. There is a lot of definition when overdriven. I think that the bolt on maple neck helps balance the inherent darkness of the Powetron Plus. Think Billy Gibbons and you're in the ball park.