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I like what this guy does.


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  • I like what this guy does.


    cool story, bro. 

    Never heard of the guy before, so I thought maybe I'd share him.  Cool how his guitar has the staggered frets so that all his notes are "perfectly" intonated.

    Anywho, the yamaha desk amp gas continues.

    Besides being a guitar player,
    I'm a big fan of the guitar.
    I love that damn instrument.
    -Steve Vai

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    I'm after his lucky charms

    Upon hearing this, the master was enlightened


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      He has a very interesting technique.  I'm impressed!

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      • 5Strings2Many
        5Strings2Many commented
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        that was really cool.  thank you for posting this up!  he has a very refreshing playing style.

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      Very nice use of the wang-bar. 


      • Floyd Rosenbomb
        Floyd Rosenbomb commented
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        Very nice use of the volume pedal.  He is constantly swelling and cutting off the volume in this clip. 

        A lot players utilize a volume pedal as a staple on their board.  I never got around to it as I don't really want to use my feet that much, but one can get some pretty interesting results using one.

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      Interesting technique there. Thanks for posting!
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