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Epiphone sheridon ii: serial number issue?


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  • Epiphone sheridon ii: serial number issue?

    Ok so I bought an epiphone sheraton ii on Craigslist. It looks real. But on closer inspection, when I looked inside the hole in the body at the serial number, there was something like a piece of tape covering the serial
    Number with a bunch of numbers on it. I removed it, and underneath it was apparently a different detail number. (I could not get the whole number underneath the tape because unfortunately when I removed the tape it took off some of the serial number below it it). I informed the seller and he responded that he never even noticed; i believe he said he got the guitar that way.

    I'm concerned thinking that this may be a fake???

    Does anyone know if this is a common thing?

    Thanks for any input !
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    can you post a pic of the numbers you have or give us some kinda hint of what they are ?? did he say it was made in china or korea ?? or was it older still and made in japan ? or even older still and made in the usa ?? can i ask what you paid for it ?? 

    sometimes they change the numbers on refurbs so they can't resell them as new .. and somwetimes the refurb is just a little cosmetic issue that you might not even notice or wouldn't end up doin yourself after a short time anyway .. its hard to own a guitar and not ding it up just a little bit .. 


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      There are Epi fakes out there, but not too many. I would think that the above answer is right.
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      • gardo
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        I'm sure it's a great guitar and although this seems like a real issue the main point is that you do have a great guitar. Even if it was repaired or refurbished it is still a great guitar. If you feel that you may have over paid ,we all live and learn. Enjoy it for what it is and don't be turned against it by the numbers. 

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      If it's says "Sheridon" on the guitar then yes, I would definitely be worried that it might be a fake. .png" alt=":smileywink:" title="Smiley Wink" />


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        Thanks all! The sticker begins with the number 311, and I found out that means its a factory second. The actual serial number begins with 0805212. I paid I think $370 for it....i guess its worth that amount? It seems to be in excellent condition, and it came with an Epi Hardshell case also in excellent shape. I don't know....maybe the bridge and something else is a little high off the body???? It seems ok though. Thanks again to all!
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        • vintage jetman
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          hmm .. it began with numbers and not an s or a u or a p or an i or a ee ?? i'd love to get an eyeball on this one .. can you put up a pic ?? its easy to do . right above this box you type in is a bunch of symbols .. it starts with a b and then an i and a u .. follow that line over past the smiley face .. then go two more and it will say insert image if you hover your mouse over it .. click on that and insert your image .. easy peazy .. now maybe the number you have is the new number for the guitar as a refurb .. but if it was made in korea it would have an s or an i or u or p .. there were 4 plants in korea .. s is samick p is peerless u is unsung and i is saien .. all the chinese guitars start with a double ee .. least thats the way i remember it  .. i could be a little fuzzy about that tho . and there may be exceptions to the rule here and there .. this sheaton is an unsung if i remember right .. it belongs to a buddy of mine but he kept it at my house for a couple of years so his old lady wouldn't brain him for bringin home another guitar .. he finally took it home tho and he still lives .. anyway does yours look anything like this one angel ?? epi shearaton 2.jpg

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        Having trouble uploading pics / sorry about that; but I'd say mine looks just about exactly like the one pictured above except my pickguard is more of a brown color and without the "E" on it; mine is all gold hardware also
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        - Forumite Elias Graves' Uncle Jack


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          I have a Sheraton ii Pro just like you. Same serial number issue. Got the same answer on another Forum. I am pleased with the condition of my guitar but would like to know some more information about it. Has anyone found out how to track these thing down to know why they needed to be refurbished? Is there any place that records these serial numbers. Mine also begins with 311.


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            not a bad price, especially with an Epi case... those are $100+ by themselves!
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              90% of the time, it's a finish issue.
              7%, Electrical issue.
              the other 3%, some structural issue, and if you look hard, you would see it.
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