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Best clip-on headstock Guitar Tuner?

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  • Best clip-on headstock Guitar Tuner?

    I'm looking to get one of those clip-on headstock guitar tuners to keep in my acoustic guitar case.  Are any of them superior to the others?  Are there any to avoid?  Thanks!



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    Very happy with the Snark SN-8. Cheap, fast and accurate.

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    • billybilly
      billybilly commented
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      FlyingV wrote:

      Very happy with the Snark SN-8. Cheap, fast and accurate.

      I just bought a couple of those, much brighter than previous versions, accurate, they were just over 10 bucks, can't go wrong.  

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    none of them are as accurate as a pedal tuner but I use a fender ft-004 that's $9 on ebay. Works good for that price. I just like the convenience. Great for acoustics too.

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    • DeepEnd
      DeepEnd commented
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      I have a Snark (the blue one) that works well. I've used it on acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, banjo and bass. I have to play the 12th fret harmonic to tune the E on a bass reliably but otherwise it works well.

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    I hear about them all the time these snark tuners. Since my Korg tuner was ruined from a soak in root beer so I guess I can go and get one


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    Best darned saying I heard all day