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Favorite Kind of neck?

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  • Favorite Kind of neck?


    I'll briefly introduce myself as a new member since I couldn't find an intro forum! XD 

    Anyway, I learned recently that I love unfinished maplewood guitar necks!  The ESP FM400 model is the best guitar I have ever played on, but it discontinued of course :/. I recently played on a B.C. Rich, but am confused about the model number because the number on it was something like XTT-1, but on the tag it had a totally different name. However, that one is discontinued as well. Sad day.

    So I played an Ibanez that felt incredible sweep picking wise, but the frets were jumbo, and it made it really hard for me to do sliding licks and some Yngwie Malmsteen lick that I know (yes I know only one right now because his stuff is super hard to play lol). 

    So what are your favorite kind of guitar necks?



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    The Gibson 60s neck is one of my favorites, probably my top one. Fender Modern C feels great, too. I prefer a satin finish on the neck, but it's not a big deal. As long as the fretboard isn't glossy! I prefer flatter frets. Gibson frets are awesome to me.
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    • brandass
      brandass commented
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      Keep coming back to the PRS wide-fat.  It's not particularly wide or fat, but fits my hand like a glove.

      Can't get along with necks that are modern C or thinner.  Up to baseball bat is fine.

      Narrow necks aren't comfortable, but I can deal.

      Prefer small radius FBs, play a lot of barre chords so the really flat FBs don't feel right.

      Prefer unfinished or satin finish, but get along with anything aside from the really thick glossy finishes.

      Prefer maple FB, but just slightly.

      Prefer vintage frets, can't stand full-on jumbo frets or scalloping.

      The neck is make-or-break for me, if it feels off I swap it or the guitar goes.

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    My favorite neck on a Les Paul is a 50s. I love the feel of it, very solid, and I think it gives a fatter sound. I've never liked 60s necks on a Les Paul.


    I prefer medium C-shaped necks on Strats. I've played a few Strats with soft V-shaped necks, and I thought those were very nice. I kind of like the slimmer C-shaped necks, also, but in general I like more wood rather than less.


    I've never liked Ibanez Wizard necks. I'm not a shredder by any means. I'm into big honkin' riffs, so again, I want more wood under my hand.


    Oh, and a word about Gibson necks. I played Strats and Strat type guitars for many years before ever owning a Les Paul. A part of that was because I've never liked the glossy, finished necks. I've always preferred necks that felt lightly finished or almost unfinished. That's part of why I bonded immediately to my Les Paul BFG. Its neck is roughly finished, not smooth. I can feel the wood grain underneath my hand. To other Les Paul owners, that's cheap and lacking, but to me it's perfect.

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    • thewthrman
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      My fantasy neck is a radical boatneck tele neck with a really tight radius,  Super curved.  tall frets.  vintage tint.  Rosewood fb.

      i knew a guy who had a warmouth maple boatneck and I loved the feel in  my hand.  But it wasn't mounted on a guitar.

      So, I'v enever played a guitar like that.  It might be a "nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there" neck.  Like the appeal of a red head if your wife is a brunette.

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    Favorite necks ever are the ones on my old Gibson MIII Standard and on my Ibanez SZ520.  I have small hands, and those fit just so perfectly.  

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    • Old Fart Rocker
      Old Fart Rocker commented
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      Welcome aboard!!

      As I thought about your post, I realized that I don't have a favorite type of neck. I kind of expect a certain type of neck when I pick up a guitar and I'm more impressed by the overall feel of a guitar and not just the neck, if that makes sense. For example, if I pick up a LP, I expect a rounder, bigger radius than I do a Strat. And, I can't say I prefer one over the other.

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    Thank you all for the replies. I have to admit, even though I have been playing for about ten years now, I do not know a lot about different guitar brands and necks and stuff. I have a ton of research to do! Once again thank you all!


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      The 59 carve on most of the current LPs, though I wish it were a 25.5 inch scale, and I'm not as fond of the flatted out frets.  I can get along with a modern c-shape strat or tele neck, but I tend to like a flatter fretboard radius and a bit more thickness.  Anything thinner and my hand gets painful after I've played for a while, anything thicker and my hand goes numb for the same reasonas my carpal tunnel acts up.  I like medium-jumbo frets and an ebony fretboard if I can get one. 


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        Maple, laquered, jumbo frets, large radius or flat, slim front to back, zero fret, 6 inline tuners and truss rod adjustment at  the headstock end.

        So I'm not fussy .png" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />

        Funny how minimalism goes on and on


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          Really narrow necks because my fingers are small
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            Me Strat Maple.


            • ugameus
              ugameus commented
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              My favorite neck is an unfinished maple from Warmoth.  I also really like unfinished wenge.  I really like unfinished wood necks.

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            As it is my self and as a new member i love guitars and forum .The ESP FM400 model is the best guitar I have ever played on, but it discontinued of course


            • JeremyRodriguez5544998
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              Yup. It was sad when I finally decided to buy it but couldn't find it because they discontinued it! :.

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            I reckon my favorite necks are the ones on 1950s Gibson hollowbodies like the ES-175 and ES-150.


            • Floyd Rosenbomb
              Floyd Rosenbomb commented
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              24 fret maple with oil finish and medium jumbo stainless steel frets with a flat D profile, it has to have a locking nut too, or I'm not interested.

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            C profile is good. I like fat necks but not baseball bat fat.


            • slvrsrpnt
              slvrsrpnt commented
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              I like V neck profiles the best. I dislike the ultra thin type necks the most, but can work with most anything else smaller than a baseball bat.

            • Porkchop
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              I've played both Fenders and Gibsons all my life. It's funny, when I play my Strat, that's my favorite neck. when I play my Gibson jumbo acoustic, THAT'S my favorite neck. Sort of like women I guess. But as to the fretboard, I prefer rosewood or ebony. Bare maple is too slippery.

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            Gibson's 60's neck is my favorite so far. It's comfortable, but not shreddy. Their new 60's tribute is the only new Les Paul I've tried and liked.
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              I have a V-neck strat with a compound radius fretboard. It is the single most comfortable neck I have ever played.

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                I seem to be unusual in that I don't really have a favourite kind of neck, or I still haven't worked out what it is anyway.  My favourite guitars have had very different necks, thin and flat through to baseball bat (hey, that rhymes).    

                Edited to add: Before anyone suggests I just need to have been playing longer or play more guitars to be able to come to a decision, I'll simply say trust me, I've been playing long enough and have tried plenty. If I haven't decided by now I can't imagine I ever will