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What brand of electric guitar strings lasts the longest ?


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  • What brand of electric guitar strings lasts the longest ?

    Let me further elucidate. I bend the strings a lot when I play. I also break strings, particularly the B and high E. I usually use DeAddario regulars. Without me buying a bunch of different manufacturer's strings, and playing them until they break, what strings have you found that last the longest when "bending" is your style ? Am I making myself clear and understandable ?  What strings stand up to "bending" better than others ?  "Super Slinky ??" others? What strings "bring it" without breaking, quickly ?  Thanks for replying. 

    So many guitars, so little time

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    Well..... the man who Knotty considers the father, the son, and the holy ghost..... Scott Grove.... will tell you Elixers are the only string that any dumb motherfu*cker should be playing.

    I disagree.

    I owned a mom and pop shop for 2.5 years.... we were pretty good size.... we had Fender & Epi.... kept 120-140 electrics in stock... 30 acoustics....and I found..... GHS to be the best strings.

    I use them in my own playing....and I am a huge aggrissive wide vibrato bender (Neil Giraldo rip off artist here)

    Worst strings we carried: Fender Bullets blow......Gibson strings blow....... I never cared for stiff ass D'Addario's....and DR's and Elixers are way overated.

    #1) GHS Boomers

    #2) EB Slinkys

    For what it's worth....I use 9's, and tune down 1/2 step.... I want to be able to do effortless 2.5 step bends in perfect pitch....I don't like to fight or wrestle the neck..... some guys play 11's in standard tuning....your result will vary depending on your own personal style.


    • Professor Tom
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      I am now retired from regular gigging but I have used Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky (9-46) in standard tuning or years and a little Fast Fret applied before and after playing keeps the strings in pretty good condition. I am an aggressive string bender but have a fairly delicate touch and so very rarely break strings.

    • Into Nation
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      Elixir Nanos.  Any uncoated string is toast in literally hours. They get black and stinky.  There may be others, but these work for months and I don't feel a need to switch. 

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    For coated strings I really like Elixir Nanos (despite Scott Grove liking them) - they're my standard for most electrics. I find DR last longer than any other uncoated ones that I've tried. I use them on my Strat and all of my steel string acoustics.


    • sammyreynolds01
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      Scott Grove doesn't like the nanos, he only likes the polywebs.

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    thanks for the replys...now I have a starting point when getting some replacement string sets. Good stuff.:smiley-music017:

    So many guitars, so little time


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      I used to use GHS Boomers, because I liked the sound. I switched to D'Addario because the GHS got rusty much faster.

      I use D'Addario's version of nanoweb strings on acoustic.
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      • 1001gear
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        I use polywebs if I'm sure I won't be tinkering inside the guitar. Once you detune wounds to remove the pickguard, they go permanently dead. Failing that, the wounds stay fresh sounding for a couple months of steady non abusive playing and then start to darken until they become noticeably dull like regular strings. Unplayed in the case is another thing. Over a year for one guitar. Bright playable sound.

        The top three steels OTOH start degenerating as soon as you start bending. Buh bye intonation. Srsly. So it's bulk Rogues as needed for the G, B, and E.


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      thanks for the reply's

      So many guitars, so little time


      • kit_strong
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        It's true that Elixir Nanowebs last a long as time but I don't like the way they sound so it's not worth it to me.


        My favorite are String Dogs. They have a nice brite/snappy tone and seem to last longer than D'Addarios.  And for you it sounds like the extra E&B strings that come in every pack will come in quite handy.  Me, I rarely break strings so I know have a ton of spare E & B strings in my tool box.



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      For me, DRs, then probably GHS Boomers.  I don't like the tones off the elixir nanoweb/polyweb, though they do last a while in terms of durability.  Just think they tend to sound a little dull.  I'm not hard on strings, but D'Addario's are the only ones I do tend to break on such a regular basis that I avoid buying them.  Even the fender bullet ones last a lot longer for me.


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        I use EB Slinkys and change them once a year whether they need it or not

        I only have strings break during installation because there is an undressed edge on a tuner hole or similar.

        I bend a lot but don't whammy much. I like older strings because new ones are too lively, the downside is if I do break one I will have to change the whole set for balance.



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          Guess I'm the odd man out using Rotosounds?


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            I've pretty much always used EB Super Slinky for my solid-bodied electrics and I bend a lot. Y'know I've just realised it's been AGES since I actually broke a string. I used to break 'em quite regularly but I can't remember the last time.  The only explanation I can think of for that is that I change my strings more often now than I used to when I was a kid. 




            • Emory
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              I bought a decorative box of EB's during visit to USA. In the sealed plastic pouch, you would think environment wouldn't get to them (I am retired in Thailand). I should take a photo next time I open a pack. There are numerous places on the high E and B strings that are black with corrosion/rust! I have to use metal cleaner and manicure file to get them cleaned off enough to use.... As far as Elixirs go, I can comment that I got a nice acoustic 6 months ago and put those on... they still intonate right and sound just fine. The high E finally popped.... usually strings last 3 weeks or so here. Can't speak for the electrics, but if like acoustics, I will be picking up packs of them on next trip to states.