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Nice or OTT ? Carvin, can't quite decide


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  • Nice or OTT ? Carvin, can't quite decide

    Since it is a slow evening  what do we think of this Carvin on ebay. (Lots of big pictures) Beautiful wood but possibly too much of it no space to breath?

    It's out of my range. Just don't relic it, okay?



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    Truely a beautiful beastie! But 4K????? Maybe 2K, 2500 at most.

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    • Visconti
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      Wow, I live just a couple of miles from the Santa Ana Carvin store and that is the most beautiful Carvin I have seen and I have seen a lot.

      I have owned 3 Carvins and all of them have been good American made guitars.

      For $4,000 I can think of a lot of guitars I'd rather have though.

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    Too many strings, not enough controls.  Wood looks nice, though, and at least they didn't finish it in some goddawful dragon burst or something.


    • steve_man
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      :smiley-rotfl:  $4000 for a Carvin.... wow...



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    It won't intonate unless its 5k plus.
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