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The Stratocaster turns 60 this year!


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  • The Stratocaster turns 60 this year!

    Hard to believe, it still looks so young! But seriously, what other new products from 1954 still look cutting edge?

    I recently wrote this blog post about the Strat and some famous players:


    Who are your favorite Strat players?

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      Knofler. But the 54' Corvette looks cutting edge as well


      • wankdeplank
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        Great read, thx for sharing.

        Hank Marvin

        Dave Alvin

        Mark Knopfler

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      Happy 60th birthday to the Strat

      I've never owned one. I don't know why. I just never got around to buying one.  My brother had one briefly (he won it in a competition - lucky bugger) and sold it to buy a synth (this was back in the days when synths were starting to take over the world).  As I recall he wouldn't let me anywhere near it. Brothers eh?

      Arguably (though I'm sure Les Paul afficionados will chime in with objections here) the most iconic guitar of all time.

      Oh and as to the question re fave players:

      Hendrix (of course)
      RIchard Thompson
      Adrian Belew



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        I remember a 90's MIM my cousin refinished to shell pink. Most kick ass pink finish I seen


        • Bucksstudent
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          Richard Thompson Strat.jpg

          This Richard Thompson's restored Strat from the fifties. He used it as his main guitar from the early seventies into the mid-nineties. Believe it or not, this was the only one he took on tour all those years, and he used it on classics like "Shoot Out the Lights," and "Walking on a Wire."

          This is also the guitar that Mark Knopfler was hearing before Dire Straits...

          RT is the reason I play a Strat at all. Before him, I didn't like Strats. They're awesome instruments.



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          Ty Tabor used a Strat Elite in his early days, and he's one of my favorites.

          Just about all notable guitarists have used a Strat at some point. I don't think it's ever passed out of popularity!
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          • Sheraton
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            Lots of great players already mentioned.  One more:

            Ry Cooder