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James Tyler variax JTV 59 upgraded.


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  • James Tyler variax JTV 59 upgraded.

    Needed an upgrade
    Bigsby B7 Vibrato.
    Neck Pickup: Gibson Burstbucker Pro Neck Humbucker IM59A-NH 
    Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan SH 11 Custom Custom.
    Schaller Locking Guitar Machines.
    Big Bends Nut Sauce.

    Weight: 4.7kg = 10.5lb

    JTV 59JTV 59JTV 59JTV 59JTV 59JTV 59JTV 59

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    Looks great, and really nice photography, by the way.

    The top knobs look a little close to the Bigsby - is that an issue? Those JT variaxes look great to me, and I would really like to play one of those one day.
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    • BG76
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      Are those guitars comperable to a regular James Tyler or is it some kind of import knockoff with his name on it ala almost everything Fender makes?

    • AnthonyLee
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      ThanX  for the compliments. the camera is an old Sony DSC-f828 

      No problem with the controls of the modules

      The Main problem is changing live in a song from 12 string to electric because the acoustic modules don't sound that great thru an electric amp.And  need to go straight to the mixer.  got that solved by an AB box Switchblade Plus by EHX but needs some practice.

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    Ok so they're Korean with the Tyler name on them, thanks. I have one of the first variaxe guitars and these sound like they're better made but are there USA Tyler models with the variaxe electronics?


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    Okay, I have to ask, though I admit I may be totally clueless on this, but aren't the stock pickups integral to producing the sounds of the various models?


    • AnthonyLee
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      No. The Stock pickups are a guitar on it's own. And the Variax Module sounds come from the Variax Piezo Bridge.

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