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    Does anyone know where I can get cool customized pickup switch washers (the ring beneath the pickup selector switch that says "Treble" and "Bass")? For Girl Brand Guitars, they say cool things like "Hot and Cold" or "Heaven and Hell" etc. Thought it would be cool to get one. Tried contacting the fellow at Girl Brand, but thus far no response. Anyone out there have any info? Thanks.

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    you could always get a plain one and either engrave it, stencil it, or just put a decal over it yourself.


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      Perhaps, but I don't know if it's worth the trouble.


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        Try Greasy Groove. They have a lot of stuff like that.
        We're not in Kansas anymore.


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          Frets On The Net does custom work like this. He'll take a blank and engrave anything you want on it for $15.00. As the link shows he can also do custom truss rod covers if you're interested. Only trouble is he's a one man shop and doesn't do waiting lists; he opens the floodgates at the beginning of each month and usually within a week he's got all he's willing to do for the rest of the month (this isn't his day job). So, you'd have to get your order in lickety-split on Feb 1.

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            Say it three times real fast.

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              If you can find a plain one, any of the fast sign shops can engrave it. I'd love to have one the says LEAD : FOLLOW