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    Anybody interested in another post your bands thread?

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      v Check my signature. That's the closest I've came to recording with a band (together).

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      bee3 wrote:




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    Thanks! Yes, that's my AC15.
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      Dirtbag Surfers:  dig the music.  We often play out/share a show with a band called, "****************can Dirtbag."


      kayd_mon:  great tone and great playing!

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      Too many.

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    I've got a link to our bandcamp in my sig


    • Brian Krashpad
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      Sure what the heck.

      Our 2012 album can be streamed or downloaded free here:


      Or you can listen streaming here:


      Here's a live viddy with a crappy commercial at the front (skip the first 16 or so seconds, and the same at the end) and vidcam distorto-sound:

      Here's a cleaner audio, but from the board so the vocals are too far up, plus, daylight, yuck.  Oh well.

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    I replaced a guitarist in an existing band a few months ago, so we're yet to record the EP with the new arrangements. However, one exists with the former guitarist here: http://t.co/T6cDjEHA

    Ignore the existing solos and imagine they were written and played by someone that adores Gilmour, Bonamassa and Hendrix.

    Here we are in the current incarnation:



    Our bassist doesn't like to be seen.

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    The answer is, of course, onions.

    Originally Posted by MyNameIsMok...

    Blasphemer! I'll bite your nipples off.

    Originally Posted by nicholai

    All guitars suck. Except for mine. They rock.


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      Here's us. Cover band. Nothing. Too exciting.


      Older video:

      PA Unity15's over LS800p's. YX15's, YX12's IPR power, RM32AI

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        I'm doing a solo thing right now but the guys are all from my rock band "Felt".





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          Well, here's an old video from when we were Eight Pound Gorilla. Our bassist was half an hour late to that show, so he's not in this video.


          Since then, we kicked out and replaced the bassist, the singer got pissed off at us and quit, the new bassist had to quit because he didn't have enough free time, so we replaced him, and me and the other guitarist have changed everything about our guitar rigs. So basically, we sound completely different. We also changed the band name to "Heir of a Dying Day," but we're thinking of changing that, too. For the last couple of years, we've been looking for a reasonably talented singer who can make it to practice and shows, and isn't an **** or on drugs. Still looking.


          Me and my brother also have a little blues-rock project on the side with our dad and a drummer friend. We call ourselves Ill Repute. Currently looking for a singer, for obvious reasons. We've played one show:

          This one's also an old video, with terrible tone, playing, and singing. Everybody in the bar was drunk though, so they loved it anyway.

          Bullwhips, blowguns, ropedarts, guitar, and chinchillas:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeC7RW5RQxvVdM89dVNuEeQ/videos