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    I spend a lot of time practicing with my korg pandora px4d mainly for it's drum tracks. it's awesome. you pick a style or timing, like 4/4, 8 beats, 16 beats, rock, funk,metal etc. and there's some fills in there too, with multiple rhythms for each option.

    you can also pick a key and add a bass in there, and string some of them together. it's a neat little package just for that.

    I'm looking for something that I can replace it with on my android or pc, preferably droid. ios might work too.

    I've found drum machines and 4 tracks and synths, but I'm really looking for the simplistic pick a rhythm, press a button, and go jam.

    can anybody point me anywhere?

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    Some nice free tracks and drum beats  here. I just put them all on my mp3 and computer. I  like doing bass to some of these ,then my guitar.



    Jam tracks here  under J  jam tracks




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      That's the thing, my goal is simplicity.

      I want to pick a rhythm and tempo, press a button and go. I have very limited time to play these days and would prefer to spend it with guitar in hand rather than picking mp3s or setting stuff up.