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This is Why You Suck at Guitar: Your pinch harmonics SUCK!

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  • This is Why You Suck at Guitar: Your pinch harmonics SUCK!

    Behold true believers! You all asked for it, and i heard your telepathic cries for guidance and wisdom on the subject of the ancient art of the pinch harmonic. Other wise known as artificial harmonics, pick squeals, or Fran Drescher, this technique is going to get your guitar squealing louder than Zakk Wylde's potbelly pig. I'm also going to talk about your Aunt Julie and why she's such a slut. So grab an axe, crank up the gain, and get learning with your ol Uncle Ben!


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    Thanks for clearing that up. I was wondering why I sucked.


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      Dude, you just turn all the knobs on your metal distortion pedal all the way to ten, like every budding headbanger does for the first five years they start playing Or until their parents take their guitar away.

      Seriously though, great video. Very informative and funny as hell.


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        if only that was the only reason i suck at guitar...
        my p0asting days were numb bird... now im done... bye.