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Do you warmup- and if so, whats in your regime?


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  • Do you warmup- and if so, whats in your regime?

    As the title states: do u warmup? and what do you do? im still a newbie (7 months exp) but recently i have developed a more structured regime to practising. i want to set aside atleast 30 mins a session to warming up- but im not quite sure if its a good routine

    i basically play chromatics from 1- 24 frets, then i play arpeggios across 3-5 strings. then i pick a random scale and run thru it from ionian to mixolydian (do i really need locrian? ) across all their positions on the fret board alt picking. then 2 picks per note. then 3 till 5 picks per note for all the modes. by this time my fingers are pretty fluid and I can start learning new stuff. im jst curious to know if im missing something i may need to add or if its all good. im interested to hear everyone's warmup routine as well.


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    I just jam over a rhythm track for about 20 minutes. I like the fact that since I start out cold, it's not just a bunch of wanking, I actually have to play musical ideas until I get warmed up. I mostly concentrate on having this phrase lead into that phrase which leads into this next group of phrases. After a while I start getting warmed up and start decorating the music with flashier stuff, instead of the other way around. I'll usually record a new rhythm track every few days - I need to always have something rather new to play over so I don't get bored and lose my inspiration.

    There's also something nice about picking up a guitar for the first time all day and immediately trying to play music with it - it usually leads to some interesting ideas.
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      Any particular tempo?
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        a mode a day at 60 bpm
        5 over one
        6 over one
        triads ascending in 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths


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          here is a mine
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            No. I practice 2-3 hours right when I get up in the morning and 2-3 hours before I go to bed, and maybe also 2-3 hours in the middle of the day. I went without bothering to practice from 1996 to 2004 and then I went from 2005-2006 without ever touching a guitar at all, but since I got a guitar a few months ago I spend 4-6 hours practicing every day. It's somewhat superfluous for me, but it allows me to be in playing condition all the time.
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              I'll be quicker than Poparad on this one - it's called regimen, not regime!


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                Originally posted by vote4dicktaid
                I'll be quicker than Poparad on this one - it's called regimen, not regime!

                Actually, it can be either regime or regimen, as the latter is one of the definitions of the former, according to Merriam-Webster.

                Though I much prefer REGIMEN myself!


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                  well I warm up for 6 hours then I'm knackered and go to bed.

                  I just play a song and then I consider warm enought to go and learn something
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                    I'm not really big on warming up with scales and metronomes. I generally just play a few tunes and muck around with a few powerchords and then I'm ready.



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                      I usually start out with a sort of chromatic scale (first four frets of each string starting and ending with the low 'e'), and then I'll play through all the patterns of the pentatonic scale. I'll do 8th notes up and down, triplet 8ths up and down, then 16ths up and down for each pattern at 100bpm. It's more important to do it cleanly than fast.
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                        Run one off, the 2 minute warmup.

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                          Originally posted by guitar-fish

                          Actually, it can be either regime or regimen, as the latter is one of the definitions of the former, according to Merriam-Webster.

                          Well, shut my mouth!


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                            Originally posted by Mike7771
                            here is a mine

                            I do something like this as well a few times, then I'll do a scale or two a few times. After that, I'll play a song that I'm trying to learn on my own or just mess with some chords for a bit (right now I've been doing Over The Hills And Far Away by Led Zeppelin). After I'll that I should be "in the zone" for playing and I'll work on what I have for a lesson for the week. So I practice about two hours a day. I'll warmup for about a half hour, do my lesson for an hour, and then I'll noodle around just doing random stuff at random times during the day.
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