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Anyone see the Peterson pulsating metronome?


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  • Anyone see the Peterson pulsating metronome?

    I'm actually thinking about getting one. My timing could use some work, and I like to practice at a decent volume and play with intensity - so I have trouble hearing my current metronome. One Benjamin is a bit much for a metronome, but I figure it is for a good purpose. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with one, or sees any potential flaws in getting one.

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    Probably be useful live - especially if you could lock several together. Timing would be tricky. Even beeps have a time spread that will influence an individual's perception of the beat. This thing is a vibrator? I wouldn't abandon the ole clock for practice though. Unplug the guitar and shed the precision stuff separately.
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      Not seen that - thanks for the tip. I'll be checking it out.
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        I've got it. Very cool. Could also be used for studio work.

        I let a couple of my students use it during lessons, and I noticed that their timing improved immediately -- they like the feel of it compared to the loud ticking of trad metronomes.


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          I don't usually expect to get GAS from this forum, but the idea behind this gadget really appeals to me. I can only really play well with a rhythm when I have it internalized, and it seems like feeling the beat would make it much faster to internalize than the old method of hearing the beat. Plus it's probably much more difficult to ignore a pulse than it is a click.

          I gotta track one of these down and try it out. Thanks for sharing!


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            That's an interesting metronome!