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  • Flying High Again and Randy Rhoads

    I've been listening to Ozzy's first two albums with Rhoads and the tribute album a lot in the last couple of weeks. I can pick out a lot of the intro, verse, chorus stuff by ear, but I just don't have the technique to play Rhoads fills and solo. I probably don't have the ear for it either at this point. His phrasing on his leads is so good... you can clearly hear where one lick/phrase ends and the next one starts.

    I'm working on the Flying High Again solo and I'm not really close to getting it up to speed (BPM) yet... but I'll get there. I'm amazed at how the tapping section works out with the arpeggios of the A, F, D, Bb, E, C, A, F. Is there a musical phrase for this? I think of it as linear, but it's probably not the right term.

    Tapping is not something I have worked on in the past, but it is turning out that this was a great song to start with and get the technique down due to the "linear" way it works out. Each lick ascends to the next highest fret on the next lowest string.