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Great Paul Gilbert Interview

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  • Great Paul Gilbert Interview

    Laughed out loud @6:30 - "play the fast lick again."  I love Paul Gilbert.  For a guy "known" for shred, I love his attitude about music and the guitar.  For what it's worth, a friend of mine is doing his online course, and he's gotten a LOT out of it.

    "There are only two things to remember: don't stop, and keep going." - Frank ZappaVisit

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    PG is the man.

    Serious about playing but not much else.


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      I really think a lot of Paul Gilbert. He seems like just such a cool guy who really understands what he is and loves the guitar so much it's infectious. A lot of his words in this interview I really relate to in terms of how speed gets less interesting over time. I also love how he categorizes that part of his playing as showmanship. VERY cool too to hear him apologize for promoting athletics in his videos. He is awesome and a great part of the guitar community.