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Anyone else make it?

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  • Anyone else make it?

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    Not sure why it's not under the guitar forums anymore, but whatever, as long as it's here.  Thanks to Jeremy for asking the question on the EG forums so I could find my way.  I also had to use my old "BydoEmpire2" account w/ only 179 posts - I can't seem to log into my normal "BydoEmpire" account.  Oh well.


    Hi guys!


    Tendonitis got bad enough that I had to just stop and say "no guitar until it's healed."  It's been almost two weeks and still a bit painful at times, although day-to-day is better.


    I've been working on reading along and tapping our rhythms to jazz standards, which has been fun.  I've also spent some time transcribing tunes into different keys.

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      Hello?   Is anyone out there?