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Matt Schofield - War we wage solo w/tab


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  • Matt Schofield - War we wage solo w/tab

    Hey all,

    Well I broke my video in an hour rule for this one as I really dig Matt's playing. Check out this solo and if you aren't familiar with Matt's playing, I highly suggest you change that. Man can this guy phrase! Big fan. Good write too and Johnny Henderson is an absolute monster on the B3!

    Here's the link:



    BTW - don't forget these videos are posted on my blog with some analysis and the Tab file for download. So always check there too.


    Blog: sixstringobsession
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    Nice work




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      Cool solo.

      Why don't you put a hyper-link (just in case I used the wrong term - I meant a clickable ling)  to your blog in each video? Your blog might get more hits that way, people are lazy.


      I tried to learn "Runnin' with the devil"'s solo from your video last night, after a while I noticed you use a five line stave - nice trolling

      I used to be "with it", then they changed what "it" was.
      Now, what I'm with isn't "it", and what's "it" seems weird and scary to me.
      (Abe Simpson)


      • jeremy_green
        jeremy_green commented
        Editing a comment
        Well, to be perfectly frank, I have no interest in making things easier for people. I make no money off of these and they are truly done just to help pay it forward so to speak. If they can't be bothered its really no skin off my back. I've already made it way easier for them than I ever had it!

        The five line is way better. Then you don't have a line through the middle of each number which makes it way easier to read.