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Good news this year so far (for me anyways :D )


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  • Good news this year so far (for me anyways :D )

    First of all I turned 26 today .


    I've also been 'auditioning' for a band and we have rehearsed like 3-4 already and I'm getting into their songs pretty well. Our first 'gig' would be march 9th! (would be my life first also).


    Also I got a job in finance so probably I'll have more money to spend in my guitar toys and thingies


    Just wanted to share with you guys, who have seen me since my beginnings.

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    Congrats on all fronts.

    Multiple award winning blues/rock/country at http://www.zeyerband.com or http://www.reverbnation.com/zeyer.Check my solo (instrumental rock) projects at: http://www.reverbnation.com/vincedickinson"Music is like the English language - it's just full of rules that need to be broken or you aren't hip.""It doesn't take talent to upgrade your playing. It takes patience" - Kenny Werner


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      All of those are pretty exciting. Congrats man!