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  • Inspiration and Advice From Your Comments, For You

    Hey everyone!


    Loving the new forum, such a big improvement!

    Last year I had my first big competition working with D'addario, it was big success, I was extremely happy with the result.


    All I ask people to do in order to enter was to simply leave a comment giving fellow guitarists advice and inspiration,


    I've put all of your helpful comments in one video, there's some really great advice in there.

    I'm sure no matter what level of guitarist you are you will find something that will help you!


    Pat free worldwide music tuition program,
    this week's video's - buying your first guitar and learning about guitar set ups m/

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    Great idea Pat ... but unless you are a speed reader you are getting only bits and pieces. Were it me I would filter it down to the top x amount and give them more real estate.

    I like your 'thing' you do... great to see.

    Best of luck on all fronts

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    • guitarville
      guitarville commented
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      That was very nice, Pat. Good man you are.

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    Cool idea, but I couldn't read many of the quotes, they went by too fast!

    "There are only two things to remember: don't stop, and keep going." - Frank ZappaVisit


    • jonfinn
      jonfinn commented
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      I agree.  The quotes go by pretty fast.   You can easily get by that by scrolling them upward.    Each quote stays on screen long enough to read.   You can have more than one quote going at a time too.   

      Lastly, that "pause" button still works if you're willing to suspend Patrick's lighthearted jam!