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Hal Leonard's "Jazz Guitar" - tips? opinions?

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  • Hal Leonard's "Jazz Guitar" - tips? opinions?

    I recently got this book for my birthday.


    Anyone here has itused itrowsed it?

    What do you think about it?

    Got any tips about how to get the most out of it?


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    I used to be "with it", then they changed what "it" was.
    Now, what I'm with isn't "it", and what's "it" seems weird and scary to me.
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    I have a copy but that's about all I can claim off hand. lol

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    • windmill
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      Don't anything about that particular book

      But my tip is don't get bogged down.
      Take a small section and master it and then move onto something else in the book.

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    It's a decent intro to jazz guitar. Covers a lot of the basics in an efficient manner.



    • akapuli
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      I think it is a good book, rather like reference and summary than real deep analysis into the listed subjects.

      If you go through it, then you have to choose your path, what to emphasize on more.

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    Thanks guys.

    It's funny, I've played jazz tunes and progressions with jazzy chords during the years but this book can  make me feel like a beginner sometimes. Like this exercise "now from this Am7 move to a D7 fingered like this...", and I might know that fingeringvoicing but never really used it - and I notice that I stumble through what supposes to be a simple chord progression, so I find myself having to practice moving from one fingering to another as slowly as I can until it is as natural to me as moving from an open E chord to and open Am chord.

    I used to be "with it", then they changed what "it" was.
    Now, what I'm with isn't "it", and what's "it" seems weird and scary to me.
    (Abe Simpson)


    • Virgman
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      I've never read that book.

      Jazz is a different animal.  You have to play over multiple keys.

      A good place to start is with a basic 12-bar blues using Dominant chords.

      However, skip using the blues scale.  Instead use the major scale, pentatonic scales and arpeggios.  The basic blues has three different keys in it so you have to learn to play over each of those three chords and keys.

      Jam over the blues progression in G (G7) until you figure it out.  Then change the key and move up and down the neck using your same ideas.  Get it to swing.

      Get the changes into your head and ears.  From there go to a jazz blues progression.

      And then, after you figure that out, try other simpler jazz standards.