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  • Chtlins Con Carne

    So is this song really just the riff and jamming ?


    Is in minor pentatonic ?



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    It's a 12-bar blues in C major, and the melody is entirely in C blues scale. (Ie, C minor pent with added b5)

    Kenny Burrell's solo is also pretty much entirely C blues scale, AFAIK. (I haven't listened closely enough to SRV's version, but I suspect it's pretty much the same material.  He plays in B, of course, because he'd tuned down a half-step.)

    When you say "just", of course, that's correct (given that there is a chord sequence, not just a one-chord jam), but undersells the subtlety of phrasing, feel and vibe.  Not everything has to have fancy chords and scales to be great music.



    • BydoEmpire
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      The version I always went by was Junior Wells, though I'm pretty sure I heard SRV's first.

      I've always heard it (and done it) as one long jam.  The trick is to make it entertaining and interesting.  Gotta have some ups and downs and back and forth between the various instruments.