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No wonder it has been so quiet!

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  • No wonder it has been so quiet!

    I thought you folks had all split finally! Man this forum has really taken a crap kicking over the years. Shame too because it has been the most friendly community on the net.

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    You are nothing short of very accurate.

    All of these forums have taken a beating, but I promise they are finally getting the attention they deserve.

    This particular forum is one of the best because you got good moderators in Poparad and Jed that set the tone of the community culture here.

    Spread the word that it is back online



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      I was wondering what was going on. I check this forum every day. I don't post much, but I enjoy reading the posts by this community. After that last "upgrade", it just took a nose dive. BydoEmpire tried to keep it alive, Jeremy posted and replied, a couple of others Hung around. I even tried to make some posts. I thought everyone would just come back eventually. I wonder if its too late.

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    Awesome to have The Loft back!


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      I dreamed I was bowling with these short guys with long white beards.

      Did I miss something?