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Please help me find the key of blues songs

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  • Please help me find the key of blues songs


    I am starting to work on transcribing songs. It is coming along nicely. I am working on figuring out what key songs are in, and am looking for songs to work on. Could you suggest a bunch of songs that follow a blues format (not nescessarily 12 bar, but based around the I IV and V chords), and also post what key they are in? I will try and figure out the key for myself, and then check my answer against the key that you post. If you could please post the key in a white color font, so I have to highlight it to see, that would be great. I don't want to know what the key is until I have given it a shot myself. I love all Chicago blues. Thank you so much!


    Song X, Key (note that I wrote the key in a white font, so the 'A' appears when highlighted).

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    Love your enthusiasm but really, there is no form of music out there where the key of the song is more apparent than the blues? So working it out is usually as easy as finding the note of the first chord of the progression.

    Also your idea of colouring it white doesn't work either. The site background is grey.
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      +1 to what Jeremy said, but to get you started...

      BB King's "Thrill Is Gone" is traditionally done in B minor (I think, it's been a while)

      SRV's "Texas Flood" is in F# minor (IIRC it looks like he does it in G, but he's tuned a half step down).

      The Allman Brothers' version of "Stormy Monday" from Live at the Beacon is in G.