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Wanting to learn guitar!


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  • Wanting to learn guitar!

    I want to learn basic guitar to go with my covers, how many years do you think it will take to be up to scratch enough to be able to play and sing I already play piano and sing so I have good coordination but yeah!

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    You have a beautiful voice.

    3 to 6 months to get those chords under your fingers.

    Practice an hour everyday moving from chord to chord.  Learn a couple simple strumming patterns to go with it. 

    Patience is the key.  You can do it and then you'll have it. 



    Serious about playing but not much else.


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      I remember it took me awhile to get used to playing and singing at the same time. But if you're just working on basic chords, maybe six months to one year tops?

      It's different from person to person, but if you already have the coordination like you said, it probably won't take you long.
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        its a life long journey. once you're in you can't get out. it takes forever.


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          In all honesty and seriousness, years aren't the right measure.  Steve Vai put in more focused practice time in one year than I did in 10.  The main thing is persistance, just stick with it and keep working at it, you'll get there.  There's a hump you have to get over in order to get your fingers to do what you want them to and make something that resembles a song, but everyone hits that.   If you stick with it, it'll be second nature pretty soon.