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Triplets -Easy or hard ?

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  • Triplets -Easy or hard ?

    How were they for you ?

    As you may guess, I'm finding it hard. Should be easy but .....


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    This was my introduction to triplets.

    I didn't know they were grouped in threes but they sounded easy so I just banged attem left right left right and was quite satisfied. It wasn't till several years later learning notation and other levels of literacy that I finally grasped the figure. L r l   R l r   L r l   R l r   etc... Well that was the proverbial fecal content and the rest is history.  Drummers are a special breed you know.

    For you musician types, you can try starting at a waltz tempo - 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3 ___STRONG weak med, STRONG waek med, etc... until the stumbles go away.

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    • guitarville
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      start at 50 bpm and stomp your foot

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    Mind your pickstrokes. You can do 'em either...

    1) down-up-down down-up-down down-up-down down-up-down


    2) down-up-down up-down-up down-up-down up-down-up

    come to think of it I don' t see any reason why not to also try

    3) up-down-up up-down-up up-down-up up-down-up

    I found sticking to 1) at first really helped it get under my fingers. Though who knows - perhaps 2) is better for you, just gotta give it a go

    Oh and be sure to count out loud: 1-and-uh 2-and-uh 3-and-uh 4-and-uh
    Mix it up a bit with other rhythms? 1-and 2-and 3-and 4-and-uh 1-and-uh 2 3-and-uh 4-and

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