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  • Copyrights for those here that are interested

    Thought I'd post it here too.


    All Nations Lose with TPP's Expansion of Copyright Terms

    EFF has previously written about various troubling provisions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) that is being negotiated under wraps. One other major concern is that TPP seeks to propagate the excessive copyright terms currently found in American copyright legislation, and will become yet another tool of the second enclosure movement: "the enclosure of the intangible commons of the mind."

    These terms are detrimental to creativity and innovation and only serve to benefit the major record and movie production companies who lobbied for them in the U.S. Now starting with the Pacific region, these exorbitant counterproductive terms could be imposed on countries with more progressive copyright laws through the force of the TPP. Making these terms part of trade agreements is part of a general move towards

    "Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a look at the American Indian" — Henry Ford

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    looks like a cut n paste from something like the EFF.


    Often times the target is the USA, but what they don't tell ou is that the code-law countries tend to have more restrictions based on "moral rights"

    Also they don't bring up how copyrights can actually HELP open creativity -- creative commons, the GNU GPL  and all that share-like stuf..it's copyright law that empowers share-alike (those are copyright licenses after all)

    don't gwt me wrong I think the last CTEA is something to revist as possibly excessive...but I think it's wayyy too easy to throw the baby out with the bathwater as the legal expression goes.

    The whole "IP is evil" thing is kind of a cause c


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      Actually if you live outside the US, you see that it is America dictating what goes on in the world, like bush said, you are either with us or against us, in that case you are boggyman enemy. Either way, this trade stuff was really about food and how the internet business got involved is something that should have been negotiated through the UN.  America govt are the biggest dictators around.