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I don't see the left and right hand muting techniques in Necrophagist


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  • I don't see the left and right hand muting techniques in Necrophagist

    Here's one example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSMkmPuajw0 I was watching this video, to see how these guys position their fretting hands for sweep picking and all that, and I noticed something. It appears that if I play what they're playing like them, I would get tons of string noise. Are they using proper muting techniques that I can't see to do their solos and chord riffs so cleanly, or is it all in their effects? I'd like to know so I don't try to emulate them if they're actually doing it wrong and just relying on compression and noise gates and whatever. If anyone here is an expert on technical/melodic/whatever metal bands and guitar playing in general, can you please tell me which bands I can watch on youtube to see them using proper techniques in action? I've heard even people like Steve Vai and Guthrie Govan use compression/gate effects and wrist/hair bands respectively. I'm wondering if it's even possible for playing super fast and vertical changing (like sweep picking and going from low chords to high string notes) with proper muting techniques or if at that speed with that style one would HAVE to rely on effects. Thanks.

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    In the first instance, guy is mute with index funger. 

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      Yes I can see how in some instances it appears that he is. However, later on, especially the guy with the buzz cut and the ibanez looking guitar, when he sweeps his index finger seems to jump from the low to the 2-3 high strings instead of finger rolling all 6 strings and muting the lower ones. I can't tell if he's muting specific strings with his right hand or if he's using effects or what. When I try to do the cheat muting (basically palm muting) even with high distortion, reverb, and delay the note is pretty much dead and doesn't have that same tone as a string that gets to actually ring out for a second instead of just starting out already muted. I've already spent 7 years playing with and fixing bad techniques, don't wanna spend another several years thinking I finally got it only to play with new bad techniques.