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What has happened to the LL?


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  • What has happened to the LL?

    This placed has slowed to a crawl. I thought after the last server and software change it would recover, even though no one could post here for the first week or weeks after the change.

    So did everyone migrate somewhere else? It's too bad really, as this place had something special. 

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    Yeah man, I am not sure. It seems this last one sent everyone packing. I am still here and i still poke my head in daily. But the activity has dropped to near zero. If other old regulars are reading this do us all a favour and let us know you are ... or start a thread or something. I miss this place as it was the most friendly one i had found.

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    • pauldude
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      "If other old regulars are reading this do us all a favour and let us know you are ... or start a thread or something."

      I did that a couple of days ago.........no interest. Of course it's from me, the guy who refused to tolerate bad manners to himself and to others and got labelled as angsty for it.

      I learned a lot here but there was no way I was prepared to suffer the same crap that Jonny Pac got, after all that he inputted here.

      A friendly place?

      Trolls were tolerated, never a good thing.

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    I'm not and an old regular, but a regular for a couple of years and still a daily viewer.

    This place has been a great resource for me personally, and even recently I've had my questions quickly answered by the likes of JonR & Jeremy etc - that stuff is valuable!

    There definitely seems to be less going on in the past though so I confess to coming away from here less inspired than previously.


    • jeremy_green
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      Well there ya have it I guess. Hardly glowing responses.

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    Well I remember you Tricky, and consider you a regular.

    Paul, if you are the Artist formerly known as PolishPaul, all I can say is I'm quick to look hard at myself before I blame others. But you contributed a lot, even if it was heavy on the quantity side. Does this make me a Troll?

    I don't mean that sarcastically. I saw your post, but really did not know how to respond. It didn't seem to require an answer, or was sort of self-contained, for lack of a better description.

    So some had bad experiences. The search for Utopia/Eden is better continued elsewhere. But this place had a high signal to noise ratio, was small enough that we all knew each other, was friendlier than most other places. And plenty of jackasses weren't tolerated. I can think of a few, but won't mention them by name.


    • guitarville
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      Maybe because it was summer and people out fishing, camping, biking and just enjoying life away from the computer.

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    T  heLL

    Phrozed over? Fya ask me, you can't get fine art across through text. 'Specially to the clueless instant gratification junkies. I just post as a placeholder.  If it stops, well we knew dat.


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      I'm still checking in every once in a while. I don't post very much cause I don't have any good questions to ask. When I get a good computer and high speed internet I plan on submitting some sound clips. I see some of the old names on other sites. I guess if there aren't any good questions to answer, they just move on to sights that have more traffic. Good to see Paul back here again.


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        I still read periodically. I don't post much though.