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Buck Dharma Quadraverb Settings????

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  • Buck Dharma Quadraverb Settings????

    I was wondering if anybody can give any details on Donald Buck Dharma Roeser's Alesis Quadraverb settings/chain. I am trying to duplicate his unique Lead tone, which he has used from around 1979-present. I am assuming it is a stereo chorus with some sort of delay or echo effect? Is it actually a stereo chorus? Is it a modulated stereo Delay, or a Stereo chorus feeding into one stereo delay, or is it multiple delays? Is there reverb involved? Is the delay a digital, slap, tape echo, ping pong, stereo etc? Is the delay quarter note, dotted eighths, triplets, etc? Is it a fast doubling effect like 7ms, or longer like 250ms? Is it one delay or multiple stacked delays with different settings? Is it stacked Chorus', are the Effects EQ'd. I bet a lot of people would love to have a breakdown of Buck's Quadraverb FX chain and settings to have a better idea of what pedals would best be able to reproduce that amazing tone. Ex. Could it be duplicated by a Wampler Faux Tape Echo, MXR Carbon Copy deluxe, EH Deluxe Memory Man, or do you need additional pedals?

    I would be very appreciative if anybody can help me recreate this tone, or has any insight as to what pedals I would need, and the settings or chain I would need to achieve it. I have been trying for a while and can't seem to get it right. Thanks.

    Here is a Link showing last year's Blue Oyster Cult Rig Rundown, where he explains his tone, and mentions the quadraverb is giving him a stereo chorus & Delay/Echos, but didn't go into any detail on the one aspect that makes his lead tone so unique, which is the Modulated Delay/Echo settings:

    Here is an example of the tone I am talking about. I am not talking about the tone on the intro guitar, but the tone used for the lead/solos in the song, which appear at around the 42 second mark.

    Here is another example of the tone, which appears at the 26 second mark.

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    Just guessing, reverb size, chorus amount and the master mix are your main parameters. The delay is almost irrelevant but for the modulation.
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      Anybody else have any thoughts on how to duplicate Buck Dharma's Lead Tone?


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        I'm not hearing a huge amount of the delay in the mix - it's there, but it's not mixed really hot, and it's not set for a ton of regeneration / repeats.

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          One thing about the sound in question, that metallic ringing is how the Quadraverb(s) sound. I use one (an original, not the GT) in the FX loop. It's always on but I have it mixed way back because of the ringing and other harsh artifacts.
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            Thanks for the responses guys.

            So do you think Buck Dharma's Solo tone can only be achieved with a Quadraverb or can it be duplicated with various pedals or a rack unit/fx board type thing like a Line 6 Helix, Axe FX, or TC Electronic G-System?

            Also, if the Delay is subtle, then do you think he is using it more to help thicken up the tone? What type of delay do you think it is ex) Tape Echo, like an echoplex, digital delay, ping pong, modulated delay, analog delay? I am assuming his delay is stereo? If so, do you think he has any Hi or lo pass filters on it to smooth out the tone?

            What type of modulation on the quadraverb do you think it sounds like? Am I wrong assuming it is a stereo chorus going into a stereo delay with EQ filters on it? Would it be a complicated process to duplicate the tone, where you would need an in depth rack unit like the quadraverb, because there is a lot going on to reproduce the tone? I have tried duplicating it in my POD Farm, but don't get very close. I got closer, once I went out of pod farm into my DAW's Stereo Chorus and Stereo Delay, but it's still missing something. Once I have a better idea of the FX chain and type of settings it is, then I will try to duplicate it with my real rig.

            Buck confused me a little in the Rig Rundown video too, because I assumed he had the Quadraverb in the FX loop of the crate amps, but he seems to say that the Torpedo Live output was split and went into the quadraverb, and from there was split out into stereo that went to the front of the house and in ear monitors, so I am all messed up on the routing of the quadraverb now too. I have zero knowledge of the Quadraverb, so don't really know what kind of inputs and outputs it has. Any thoughts?

            If anybody has any idea, can you please list a sample FX chain, or any quadraverb settings, so I can visualize it. Thanks, so far everyone's thoughts have help me understand his tone a little better.


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              I suggest getting a Quadraverb and flipping through the presets and algorithms.
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