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alternative way to attach pedals on a pedalboard


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  • alternative way to attach pedals on a pedalboard

    Hi everyone, I recently built a super super cheap pedalboard out of pedals that were lying here and there,,,
    ...as mini pedals from MOOER have a rubber layer underneath, i did not manage to use VELKRO, so I ended up figuring some other system to attach them to a wooden surface.
    ....It costed me close to nothing meaning I took some wood left overs in a hardware store, an literaly four ruber feet plus some plastic bands for a total of 5-6 dollars.
    ...it took me a while to figure how to lock the pedals with the plastic bands without getting in the way of the jacks and the knobs
    ....now I have a system. It looks far from sexy, but I can assure you is incredibly stable when you stomp on them...
    I know there are many videos out there on this very topic...maybe you will find my variation to VELKRO as a good alternative
    As you will easily notice, I am not english but I hope you'll get it thru with some imaginations and the video I made.
    Tell me what you think...ciao, mekkemusic

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    In the United States the 'plastic bands' are called Zip Ties, it's a trademarked name by the company that first invented them.

    A little crude, but it looks like it holds the pedals securely. Nice work!
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      Mr Crude! ...judging from your name I was expecting the usual dose of hate and negativity...instead I got a lesson in english...guess what...been wondering what you call those bloody things but the only google translate score I would get was the infamous plastic bands. Zip Ties that is! thanks for watching my stuff!
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    I've done similar things when tacking pedals to boards using clamps and eyelets. bicycle chain links can work on pedals that have screws on the bottom but are impractical for those mini pedals because they have the screws on top. You'd need long screws which would look tacky.

    The best way I've found is to use a piece of carpet (the kind like you find in automobiles) and glue it to the board with 3M spray glue, then use Velcro to hold them in place. Its a good way of holding them in place because you tend to switch pedals over time as your selections grow and you move things around.

    You could also use both pieces of Velcro to tack them to a hard surface like that board but the carpet makes it look classier when done right and it grips as well as the fuzzy Velcro piece does.

    Many people take allot of pride in their pedal boards and make them look nice. I lean more towards being practical. My large pedal board in the studio contains about 12 pedals. The back row is elevated with a shelf that tilts forwards and there's enough space below to put a surge protected power strip and hide all the wiring and power adaptors. Its not a board I take to gigs.

    I have a compact factory made case with a removable top that holds about 5 standard pedals. The case can fit in the back of my combo amp which is nice for reducing the number of trips you need to carry gear.


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      my last post was for you buddy but it just went solo for some reason...

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    I just find these zip ties very very stable...its incredible how well they hold...
    I' d love to see the system you have developed ....
    I totally agree with you on the dimension of the pedalboard..my first one had some 15 pedals on it.... I am now down to 6, out of which only 3 are strictly necessary to enjoy my amp...overdrive, delay, and wha...I wonder why this kind of wisdom does not hit u when you are younger...:-)
    Cheers, M


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      If you use perf board under the pedals, you wont have to drill and you'll have options to rearrange.
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        sure thing...when I want to rearrange I simply get another piece of wood for a fraction of the price of velcro...I presented this as an alternative...a very cheap one that works for me,,,but I do see your point. Maybe I just love drilling :-)

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      i'm not a fan of permanently mounting pedals to my board.
      i change my pedal configuration and order more often than i gig

      i have one of these rockcases and if i pack for a gig i put all needed cables and ac extensions etc on top of the pedals and then close the case and it keeps everything in place for transport. from there its an easy setup and break down procedure.

      if i would be a weekly or more often gigging musician, i would look for a more permanent solutuion, and your, altough not new is a nice option


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        ...damn! I thought it was my idea to zip tie the pedals.... I was hoping in a billion views so that now I could sit in bahamas with a Tequila and two blondes that play with themselves as they admire my pedalboard...
        I'll keep drilling man...thanks for watching! :-). Peace
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        problem is there are a billion people who think the same thing like you and they all putting up videos, so changes are not so high that get so much views on a usefull video....

        if you would do something stupid instead your chances might be much higher