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Nic from Catalinbread has passed away.

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  • Nic from Catalinbread has passed away.

    Such a huge bummer to hear.

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    Great company, tragic loss.


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      Really sad news.
      Cause sometimes the rhetoric don't go with the contents


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        Nich passed way too soon, photo from the Northwest Bro Down in '05, when he lived in Seattle. R.I.P
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          Forgive my morbidity. It's straight out of a horror movie.
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              sh*t - sh*ck - oh no! This is too sad to hear.
              so we will never meet @ Franfurt...

              REST IN PEACE, NIC!
              will keep you in best memory.

              so sorry for your family&friends - can`t express.


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                so tragic
                couldn't believe it at first when I saw it on FB yesterday
                I still have one of his first handpainted Chile Picoso pedals (before he started CBread)


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                  I'm in total shock. Nic was a great guy. My condolences to his family, everyone at Catalinbread, and his many friends.

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                    I was so hoping the initial announcement was someone's idea of a sick joke, and am very sad it's not. Condolences to all who knew him...
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                      I think of Nick often as I have some of his pedals on my board, and I remember the great conversations he would make.
                      He was a dealer that everyone liked, and made HC work well for him because he treated everyone with respect.
                      I know I bought some things from CB because I liked him, he made quality product, and was a true artist.

                      One of the true shinning stars here at HC.
                      Damn this is sad.

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                        Terrible. Only 37. RIP Nic. :-(
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                        What really alarms me is: my daughter is now older than the age I think I am.

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                          Such a bizarre way to sad. Condolences to his family and friends.
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                            The Nicholas Harris Fund by JHS Pedals Earthquaker Devices - In a tragic situation, Nicholas Harris the creator and brain behind Catalinbread  has passed away. As a community of builders and companies who understand the weight of this loss, we want to ask for your help in relieving the primary monetary strains on the family and friends of Nicholas. Please...
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                              Yeah, I saw this a couple days ago - so sad.

                              Much love to his family, friends and coworkers. Such a loss.