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Logidy EPSi.. Didn't a few here get one? Reviews?

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  • Logidy EPSi.. Didn't a few here get one? Reviews?

    I'm wondering around DiscoFreq's page and being reminded of a lot of new pedals that seemed to have a bit of fanfare only to fade away. I'm just wondering and making conversation...

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    seems people mostly want stuff when it's unavailable.


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      sounds pretty cool, but I don't know what pedals are... I came to this forum for the spam bots.

      The plate verbs actually sound pretty badass.


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        Somebody page V I want to say he got one.


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          I do have one! It's a really cool pedal. I actually loaded my SD card up with impulses that I use for mixing a lot and also a bunch of like bricasti and other high end reverb unit impulses as well as just random sounds, piano chords/melodies, and clips of old songs.

          One thing that is a bit annoying about it is the jacks are in reverse position than normal for some reason. The interface also takes a little bit of time to get down (I kinda wish it had more knobs) but the sounds you can get out of it are awesome. They depend totally on what impulses you have loaded, of course. The stock ones are pretty nice, but i usually use my own preferred ones.


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            Sounds awesome. Knobs are good.

            So you load sounds and it uses them as a carrier for the reverb decay, etc?


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              The IR (impulse response) is basically a recording of how the reverbing thing responds to an extremely short 'atonal' burst of sound, like a gunshot or single, loud clap. All the little reflections off surfaces in the 'real reverby thing (e.g. a hall, a canyon, the space between Tom's ears) are captured and the Epsi uses these to create math model for the number of returns, their spacing/intensity.... pretty cool actually. I picked one up thinking I was going to become the King of IRs and make a million buxx bashing on plates of aluminum siding and fence wires...that's not really happening. Seems people are more interested in IRs from the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon, and the space between Tom's ears.

              Anyway, it's a fun toy. Easy to use.
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                Yeah, you can also do stuff like load in things that aren't supposed to be reverb impulses, like a piano ditty or guitar chords, and then the reverberations will be in a certain key.